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Eddie Bauer Event on 10/30

Do you live in the Denver area and want to learn more about BCM or the Summit for Someone program? Join us at 7pm this Thursday for an info session at the Park Meadows Eddie Bauer store!

8401 Park Meadows Center Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124



Conference call October 15th

Are you thinking about joining us for a climb in 2015 but have questions? Looking for good fundraising ideas?  Our next call is tomorrow (Wednesday 10/15). Sign up using the link below if you’d like to attend!

Giving to BCM

Dane Zehrung has been involved with Big City Mountaineers as a volunteer and mentor for over a decade.  From Dane:

It feels good to give, but these days it’s tough to know where to give and which programs are most effective. Which organization is really going to use your money for something appropriate? Being a volunteer with BCM gave me insight into the programs and their effectiveness. I know the program is highly impactful to youth and I saw first-hand that the money is spent wisely. That kept me motivated to continue to help out and the natural next step was to help with the funding. 

When talking to others about BCM I always emphasize the fact that I am also donating my own time and money. I share the impact the program has on the youth and me. I’m lucky that I have many first hand stories I can pull from my years of being involved. Often, that will motivate others to give, even if I’m not directly asking for donations. I also make a point to ask about corporate matching opportunities- people feel even better about their gift when they learn that it can be doubled by their employer. 

Year after year, I continue to stay involved because of the fact that the program actually delivers on its mission. I’ve seen many mission statements come and go for both non-profit and for-profit organizations; most of them “sort of” inspire and then never come true. With BCM, I’ve seen the transformation happen for many individual youths. The BCM program really does influence their critical life skills in a really positive way.

Summit For Someone climbers coming from all over the U.S. (and Canada!)

Every year, it’s fun for us to watch where our Summit For Someone climbers are coming from — Western states where mountain climbing is more common, and other states where the highest “mountain” is about 1700 feet above sea level (my home state of Iowa!). When we get a little over halfway through our registration, I like to put together a map to see where the most “people with big hearts who want to climb big mountains come from.”

In 2011, we have the first two SFS climbers in my memory coming from Alaska, as well as three from British Columbia. Interestingly, we also have three climbers coming from Savannah, Georgia. Our biggest states, as usual every year, are California, Colorado, New York, Washington and Texas. Here’s the full list:

California – 11
Colorado – 8
New York – 8
Washington – 8
Texas – 5
Georgia – 4
Massachussetts – 4
Maryland – 4
British Columbia – 3
New Mexico – 3
Ohio – 3
Pennsylvania – 3
Virginia – 3
Alaska – 2
Nebraska – 2
Oregon – 2
Wyoming – 2
Iowa – 1
Kansas – 1
Minnesota – 1
North Carolina – 1
New Jersey – 1
Rhode Island – 1

Interested in a climb? Call Brendan at 303-271-9200, ext. 403 or e-mail him at