Fundraising Friday: Climbing Tournament at Local Indoor Gym

Here’s a fundraising idea from our SFS Fundraising Guide:
•Contact a local climbing gym and ask if they are willing to host your fundraising tournament. You will need to request that they create 5-10 routes of different difficulties and rate the grades in order to assign points on competition
day. You will also need to settle upon a flat per person rate that will cover climb time and donation amount. No need to include gear rentals-people will either have their own or know rental fees are separate.
•Ask local businesses to donate items/services for prizes. Some ideas are outdoor gear stores, sporting good stores, restaurants, etc.
•Create flyers for the event. Include date, time, location, minimum donation to participate and prizes. Also, include that it is a fundraising event
and what the money will benefit. Post the flyers in the climbing gym, prize donors’ venues and other places throughout the community.
•Create point sheets to use on the day of the competition. This sheet should include a place to put their name and a number, letter or symbol
to represent the different routes. Each route should have three point amounts. The first will be the highest for those that complete the route
on the first time. The second number will represent the points if they get it on the second try and the third will be the lowest amount for completing the route after two tries. The participant will circle their point total. Also, include two blank boxes next to the point total. This will be for two people who witnessed the
route completion to initial.
•At the end of the competition, collect all score sheets from participants. Add up all points and create different categories, such as Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner. Depending on how many prizes you have to distribute, award the
top number of winners in each category. Award the prizes and celebrate a successful event!


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