Fundraising Friday: Do a Bingo Fundraiser!

Looking for fundraising ideas for your Summit for Someone climb?

Who doesn’t know how to play BINGO? This is simple and a lot of fun! Pick someone funny and loud to emcee the event. Call a local Bingo parlor or local restaurant/bar to see about hosting the Bingo night. Think of a creative theme for the night:

  • Costume party
  • Holiday Bingo

What You Will Need:

  • Bingo supplies (cards, ink blotters, the bingo balls in a basket or hopper). The place you hold this may already have these items and may let you use them.
  • Secure donated prizes through local businesses and your own personal contacts and connections – a good idea is to put them all together as gift baskets or bags and make them look pretty
  • Promote your event any way you can. Send out a mass email, put it up on, make flyers and hand them out and tell everyone you know!
  • Charge a “suggested” donation at the door of $20 and have someone
    there to collect the funds. Please note: If you are producing flyers, you may wish to state the donation charge at the door. According to state laws, bingo does not have a charge, therefore all donations are
    “suggested” and the bingo games are free.
  • Have someone (fun and loud) to act as the emcee and call out the bingo numbers as you go.
  • You can set up a different bingo line on the card for each game (i.e.
    diagonally, the four corners, all around the free space, etc.) to make it more fun and challenging.
  • Give a prize to the winner of each game (9 or 10 games is the suggested number and takes about 1-1/2 hours).
  • Give a “grand prize” to the final winner (suggested game is to have this one be to fill in an entire card).
  • You can also increase your donations by auctioning off items between the games (like a tooth whitening session from your dentist or perhaps a local artist that is willing to donate a piece of their work).
  • If there is ever a tie, you can decide the tie by having them each reach into the hopper and whoever gets the higher numbered ball wins. Have a bag of silly, dollar store items for the tie loser to pick a consolation prize.

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