Summiting for Someone? Top 10 Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do:  Choose donors who know you and like you the most.

2. Don’t:  Call your ex from high school, whom you haven’t contacted in 11 years, and ask them for fifty bucks.

3. Do:  Write personalized emails to your friends, family, and co-workers explaining the positive impacts their contributions will have on young people.

4. Don’t:  Send an email blast to the five new people you met bowling last week.

5. Do:  Get creative!  Offer: incentives (first $100 donor gets a home-cooked meal), options for giving levels (i.e. $14 for 14ers, $40 dollars—because Rainier is really hard, and $400—because they’re a dermatologist, and can afford it!  (We jest)

6. Don’t:  Ask your mom and pop to sponsor you with a lump sum the week before your climb.

7. Do:  Be proactive in your fundraising efforts EARLY!  Fire up your Gmail account, get jiggy on Facebook, dust off your tweeting thumbs, and here’s one: forge a hand-written letter (preferably in cursive) because lets face it, it’s a dying art, not a lost art.

8. Don’t:  Be shy about asking friends, neighbors, professors and first cousins for donations. Your climbing accomplishments allow five young persons to enjoy life-changing experiences in the wilderness—most for the very first time!

9. Do:  Have fun fundraising!  Take pictures of your training sessions and post them on your blog, write about why you decided to climb, and enjoy watching the money roll in from the many people that love to support you, whenever they get a chance.

10. Don’t:  Forget to have fun!

*Climb on friends.

Your friendly neighborhood non-profit,

Big City Mountaineers


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