It’s Valentine’s Day, Already!

Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us every year—doesn’t it?  With climbs to plan, funds to raise, volunteers to coordinate, and partnerships to forge, we here at BCM become distracted by the anticipation of spring—the flowery prelude to our exciting summer adventures!

Before spring melts into summer though, the festive allure of Feb. 14 invites us to pause, appreciate valued relationships, and look forward to cultivating new ones.

Big City Mountaineers has had the privilege of facilitating life-changing wilderness experiences for more than 800 urban youth and 300 adult mentors, volunteering 28,000 hours of their time in the past year.  As we expand our summer programming, we eagerly anticipate serving more than 2,000 youth in 2012—a goal with lasting impacts to our communities, mentors, and two-dozen youth agencies supporting kids nationwide!

As you and your valentine concoct upcoming summer itineraries this evening, we invite you to reflect on how important the wilderness has been in your life.  Do you venture into the mountains for solitude? Re-grounding?  Invigoration?   Do you paddle rivers and lakes for perspective?  Peace?  Relaxation?

Each of us enters the wilderness for different reasons, perhaps to connect with ourselves, with nature and with one another.  So, on this historic day of love, let’s enjoy recounting stories of wild journeys together—and look  forward to those yet to come!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-From Big City Mountaineers


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