Summit For Someone climbers coming from all over the U.S. (and Canada!)

Every year, it’s fun for us to watch where our Summit For Someone climbers are coming from — Western states where mountain climbing is more common, and other states where the highest “mountain” is about 1700 feet above sea level (my home state of Iowa!). When we get a little over halfway through our registration, I like to put together a map to see where the most “people with big hearts who want to climb big mountains come from.”

In 2011, we have the first two SFS climbers in my memory coming from Alaska, as well as three from British Columbia. Interestingly, we also have three climbers coming from Savannah, Georgia. Our biggest states, as usual every year, are California, Colorado, New York, Washington and Texas. Here’s the full list:

California – 11
Colorado – 8
New York – 8
Washington – 8
Texas – 5
Georgia – 4
Massachussetts – 4
Maryland – 4
British Columbia – 3
New Mexico – 3
Ohio – 3
Pennsylvania – 3
Virginia – 3
Alaska – 2
Nebraska – 2
Oregon – 2
Wyoming – 2
Iowa – 1
Kansas – 1
Minnesota – 1
North Carolina – 1
New Jersey – 1
Rhode Island – 1

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2 responses to “Summit For Someone climbers coming from all over the U.S. (and Canada!)

  1. I love this site and the idea behind it. Climbing has some awesome lessons that can teach us much about life and how to handle its challenges. I hope many take advantage of the opportunities to help someone else through climbing. Way to go.

  2. You have the greatest adventure ever…