How much do we love Mike Hong’s SFS fundraising page?

Just a sample from Mike’s incredibly elaborate Summit For Someone donation page:

My personal gift to you for making a donation at each corresponding level:

$25 – I will give you a super-awesome high-five
$50 – I will give you a super-slow-mo exploding fist-bump
$100 – I will add your name onto my summit/climbing helmet in a special “donating the benjamin$!” section
$250 – I will expertly photoshop two animals of your choice together
$500 – I will name a room or space in my apartment after you and affix a commemorative plaque
$1,000 – I will let you shave my head or i will shave my head on your behalf
$5,000 – I will teach my dog dash to play the piano in your honor (seriously)

* all sponsors/supporters/donators will have a place on my summit helmet somewhere!



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