An SFS speed record on Mount Whitney

(photo by Kurt Wedberg, Sierra Mountaineering International)

We schedule our Summit For Someone Mount Whitney climb for four days, but in 2010, we had a team do it in one day.

At the time of year Summit For Someone climbers head up Whitney, late April, we call it a “full-on mountaineering experience,” with two successive days of moving camp higher, snow, rock, and 50-pound packs, to a summit day on the highest peak in the Lower 48 — 14,496 feet. And one more day to hike out.

Last year, we had a group of highly motivated folks from North Carolina and Texas tromp up the whole thing in one day, a first for us, and for Sierra Mountaineering International, the guide service we’ve used on Mount Whitney (and a bunch of other climbs) for almost the entire history of Summit For Someone.

I got an excited phone call from SMI Founder Kurt Wedberg a couple days after the group got down off the mountain, and Kurt was amped up even more than his usual enthusiastic self (I tell people we love to work with SMI because you get the feeling Kurt loves his job just as much today as he did his first day in the mountains). I could try to relay the story in a few words here, but Kurt tells the story the best, complete with photos, on the Sierra Mountaineering International blog.

Our Whitney climbs this year begin on April 17 and April 27 (and are still scheduled to take four days, despite last year’s performance). Questions? E-mail Brendan or call him at 303-271-9200, ext. 403.



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