BCM Challenge 2010: Big City Vulcaneering

I got an e-mail from D’nita Carbone last week, describing her idea for a BCM Challenge, and asking “What do you think? Is it fundraising for BCM material?” Her idea: Climb Mount Hood, Mount Baker, and a handful of other Cascade volcanoes this year and raise money for BCM.

Yes, that is definitely fundraising material. Also, can we go with you?

Here’s some of what D’nita wrote on her web site:

For all of us who spend our hard-earned free time in the outdoors, whether it’s climbing mountains, family campouts, or gliding across a glassy lake at 5:00 a.m., we know the absolute grounding effect of “getting out.” We have had the privilege of experiencing the profound change of perspective that comes from being surround by an entirely new environment. We have been overwhelmed by the enormity of a night sky filled with stars not dimmed by the city lights. And when it comes to the more physical adventures and the adrenalin-inducing activities, we have felt the pure power of triumph, when you finally accomplish something that before had only been a goal.

Unfortunately, there are so many who do not know the wonders of our wilderness. Sure it’s true that there are those who don’t take a liking to the outdoors and find inspiration in other places, however; there are many more who don’t even know the world of hiking and rock climbing and skiing even exists as a possibility to them.

D’nita’s already raised more than $1500! If you’d like to help, or just watch her progress, check her web site at http://climbingvolcanoes.wordpress.com/



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