2010 BCM T-shirts are here!

(The 2010 shirts are the ones on the Elizabeths!)

Every spring, a bunch of boxes from JanSport come in the front door of our office, and I get excited, because I am about to add another T-shirt to my work wardrobe. (Our dress code around here is pretty casual.) Yesterday, we received 950 of our new 2010 BCM T-shirts, courtesy of JanSport, who bestows them upon us every year.

Each one of our 2010 volunteers, and each one of the teens who go on a Big City Mountaineers wilderness expedition, receives a BCM T-shirt. Getting our T-shirt shipment is another event that means BCM expeditions are just around the corner, and the office is about to be full of kids on their way out, or on their way back from, their first backpacking trip ever.

Thanks again to the folks at JanSport, for T-shirts and for all you do for BCM!



One response to “2010 BCM T-shirts are here!

  1. Awesome! When do you send them out?