Protech Skincare donates 450 tubes of sunscreen to BCM!*

* envision 10.5 one-gallon jugs of sunscreen — that’s how much our teens and adults are going to go through this summer.

The people at Protech Skincare speak our language: “Our products are tested only on humans in the most extreme environmental conditions.” Also: “Developed especially for endurance athletes and extreme environmental conditions, Protech defies the elements.”

We hope it works equally well for a bunch of city kids out in the woods for their first time. We’re not climbing Everest or skiing to the South Pole, and our backpacking and wilderness canoe expeditions are supposed to be a little less than “the most extreme environmental conditions,” but we do need some good products. Protech has decided to be our latest benefactor, sending us a donation of 450 tubes of SPF 30+ sunscreen, to keep our teens from getting sunburned during a week on the water, or a week near 10,000 feet.

Thanks to the good folks at Protech Skincare! Check out their team of athletes here.



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