The six stages of understanding your first headlamp: Thanks, Princeton Tec!

Urban teens on their first backpacking trip have many new experiences, and using a headlamp is one of them. The process of adaptation usually takes about 10 minutes, and goes something like this:

1) What is that? Are we going in a cave or something?

2) That looks funny, wearing a light on your head.

3) I guess since we’re out here in the woods, and none of my teenage friends can see me, so I’ll put it on.

4) *teen shines headlamp directly into adult mentor’s face, unintentionally, the first time adult mentor speaks to them*

5) Hey, this light has a “flash” setting. Check it out. Mine’s flashing.

6) Fully embraces headlamp usage.

Longtime Big City Mountaineers sponsor Princeton Tec has donated 50 Fuel headlamps for our summer programs, so more than 200 teens can experience this 6-step rite of passage.

Maybe we should also get a few of these, for getting the teens out of their sleeping bags early for summit day — think of it: “400 Lumens of brute power.”



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