Front page news!

(photo by Susan Rule)

SFS climber Mick Rule has a little bit of a different background than most of our climbers: He makes a living by climbing. Not mountains, but trees. He’s an arborist and the owner of Rampart Landscape and Arbor Service in Larkspur, Colorado.

To raise the $3,400 for his Grand Teton climb in August, Mick decided to sell 16 x 20 posters of some of his wildflower photography for a $35 (or higher) donation to his SFS climb. He’s sold about 50 of them so far, and is only printing 100 total.

His next move is to draw on the base of customers he’s been working for since he started the business. So, BCM is on the front page of the Rampart Landscape and Arbor Service newsletter this month!

Here’s what Mick said:

This newsletter goes out to our snow removal customers, 73 this past month.  We are putting it in last month’s billings, which will go out tomorrow. Plus a few tree customers.

Before I leave I will put together a modified version for our regular lawn customers, which will get sent out to somewhere around 100 more the first week of May. So we’ll see how it does. I’m guessing we will get some responses. I’m hoping we sell the remaining 50 or so, which will get me safely over the $3400 mark.

My first attempt at a flashy newsletter! Having fun putting it together, actually!


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