A little bit goes a long way

Many people I know don’t like donating to charity because they aren’t sure their money is put to good use. Here at BCM we can promise you that your money is going to the kids, and here is a list breaking down our 2010 costs to prove it.  As you can see, a little bit of money can go a long way. We want you to know that your $10 and $20 donations are tremendous, keep them coming.

Big City Mountaineers 2010:

50 week long trips, 2000 Teen program days, 1500 Volunteer days

$25.00              Does the laundry after one expedition

$26.50             Pays for food for one day (10 people – yes: $2.65 a person/day!)

$60.00            Pays campground fees for 3 expeditions

$110.00          Pays for the gas for one team’s vehicles for a week

$140.00          Pays for a team’s celebration dinner

$155.00          Pays for one Forest Service Permit for a week

$225.00          Pays for sunscreen, bug spray, and base camp supplies for the whole summer (lantern fuel, shampoo and conditioner,  repair kit parts…)

$475.00          Pays for food for 10 people for 1 week

$600.00          Pays for all costs associated to one teen’s adventure

$3,000.00       for a whole youth group (5 teens)

We appreciate your support!  Click here to make your money go further.


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