The Thousand Dollar Mayonnaise Challenge

Donate to BCM to see Brendan eat a jar of mayonnaise!

Big City Mountaineers’ own Brendan Leonard has accepted a final challenge to raise an extra $1,000.00 for BCM and to cap off his ocean to ocean bike ride.

The challenge:

Eat one 30 oz jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise on the beach at the end of his 3,100 mile bike ride across America. (Sounds yummy, right?)

The rules:

1. Brendan will eat one 30-ounce jar of Hellman’s Mayonnaise on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida.

2. Brendan can use one medium package of McDonald’s french fries as the delivery mechanism.

3. Eating time will not exceed one hour.

4. Brendan’s cycling partner Tony will donate $500 to Big City Mountaineers IF

5. BCM finds enough people to match Tony’s donation.

How to Donate:

Please help us raise another $1,000.00 for BCM by donating to the “Thousand Dollar Mayonnaise Challenge.” Click here. Just write “mayonnaise” in the comment line.

To learn more about Brendan and Tony’s ride visit their blog: Just Another Bike Ride Across America


6 responses to “The Thousand Dollar Mayonnaise Challenge

  1. That is just sick. Absolutely sick. Why should I be a part of this madness? I will be absolutely disgusted if Mr. Leonard partakes of this gastric gluttony of Hellman’s best slimy artery clogger. Mayonnaise? Mayonnaise? Why mayonnaise? Because there is nothing more revolting to be found? Okay, fine. I’m in for $10.00

  2. This is the best idea! Totally gross and totally hardcore. I have a question though. Do you have to keep it down to pass the challenge?

  3. I want video!

  4. Bill Boucher

    I once ate mayo straight; at least the guy said it was mayo.

  5. Bring out the best. It says it right on the label!

  6. The thought of eating mayo after all of those miles is really gross. Do you promise to send video and pictures that I could show my students?! They LOVE gross stuff.