Why I’m Climbing: Boz Boschen

We asked some of our Summit For Someone climbers to tell us why they chose to devote part of 2010 to raising money and training for a mountain climb to benefit Big City Mountaineers. We’ll be publishing their answers on our blog over a span of a few weeks. Want to share why you’re climbing? E-mail us at info@summitforsomeone.org.

Boz Boschen

Richmond, VA

Mt. Rainier

About me: I’m a media planner at The Martin Agency here in Richmond, where I grew up.  I am an Eagle Scout and got an appreciation for the outdoors at a early age thanks to my parents.  I attended college at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, where I was fortunate to explore the Adirondacks with the country’s second oldest Outing Club.  Since moving back to Richmond, I’ve been hiking in the Blue Ridge but sadly missing larger mountains.

Why I’m climbing: My life has been greatly enriched by all of my outdoor pursuits, so I figured it was high time I pay some of that back.  I live in an area where I see first hand the effects of what happens to at-risk kids when they’re not given a chance to escape their environments and discover what the world has to offer.  I was fortunate enough to have family that supported my early adventures and thought they were important.  Every child should have the same opportunities, so I am more than happy to help Summit for Someone help kids discover important lessons about themselves and the world.

Ever since I started hiking and backpacking, I’ve always wanted to try mountaineering.  It’s always been a distant dream for me, since I live in glacier-challenged Virginia.  This is why I chose Mt. Rainier for my climb.  It just looks so beautiful and amazing–how could you not want to climb it and stand on top?


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  1. nice! I’m climbing the Grand Teton “the Big Tit”