Why I’m Climbing:Tim Braswell

We asked some of our Summit For Someone climbers to tell us why they chose to devote part of 2010 to raising money and training for a mountain climb to benefit Big City Mountaineers. We’ll be publishing their answers on our blog over a span of a few weeks. Want to share why you’re climbing? E-mail us at info@summitforsomeone.org.

Mt. St. Helens

Tim Braswell

Mt. Rainier

My Summit for Someone story started out late last year during a hike. I was talking with one of the people in our group when he mentioned a climb he had done and raised money to help teens out. I got all of the information out of him that I could and found out it was the Summit for Someone program. The next day I found myself signed up for the Mt Rainier climb. I had no idea how I was going to raise the money; I just knew it was a good cause and I wanted to help out how I could. I have always been into the outdoors, and want these teens to get their chance to see the outdoors. So here i am, raising money and getting ready to climb a mountain. And the more I read about Big City Mountaineers, the more I want to climb for them again next year. And hope next year I can volunteer in other ways to help BCM.


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