Brian Richie: Why I’m Climbing

We asked some of our Summit For Someone climbers to tell us why they chose to devote part of 2010 to raising money and training for a mountain climb to benefit Big City Mountaineers. We’ll be publishing their answers on our blog over a span of a few weeks. Want to share why you’re climbing? E-mail us at

Brian Richie
Newport News, Virginia
Mount Shasta

This past summer, a Mt. Hood summit was my first adventure in mountaineering. I enjoyed it so much that only 2 months later I found myself atop Mt. Rainier. Mountaineering is the zenith of my outdoorsy activities that began with childhood family camping trips. When I learned about Summit for Someone, I realized that I was very fortunate to be introduced to outdoor activities at a young age and that many youths are not so fortunate. SFS seemed like a great way for me to continue mountaineering while providing an opportunity for young people to be introduced to outdoor activities as I was.


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