Why Should I Climb Mt. Hood?

Mt. Hood

Great question!  We got the details from Carlos who guides for Timberline Mountain Guides for the answers.

What Makes Mt. Hood a great climbing experience?

Any climb on Mt Hood offers great terrain, unique positions, as well as spectacular views.  With great access climbers are treated to a technical climb on a big peak that is reasonably doable in one day- it’s as close to climbing in Europe one can get without the trans-Atlantic flight!   The close proximity to a major metropolitan area, a road to 6,000 feet, as well as year round skiing makes Mt Hood an interesting place in general.

Say I’ve never done anything like this before. What would you tell me about a 2-day summit climb with TMG?

Our 2 Day Summit Program is designed for the climber that has little to no experience with mountaineering.  Our first day is spent familiarizing ourselves with the basic skills of snow climbing with ice axe and crampons.  This course will cover everything that one needs to be a successful climber for a summit attempt on day two.  Our climb day starts very early, anywhere between 11:30 PM and 2:30 AM.  Our group will take a snowcat to the top of the Palmer chairlift at 8,500 feet.  From there we start our climb in the glow of our headlamps aiming to be on the summit as the sunrises and casts a mountain shadow across the valley floor.  Our descent will take us from the summit at 11,240’ back down to the Historic Timberline Lodge at just under 6,000’.  Climbers can expect a long yet rewarding day of 8- 10 or so hours of climbing on the summit day.

Who’s climbing Mount Hood with Timberline Mountain Guides? (young, old, people from Oregon, people from all over the country, etc.?)

At Timberline Mountain Guides we’ve had the pleasure of climbing with all sorts of climbers in our 25+ years on Mt. Hood.  Our youngest climber has been in their teens and the oldest well into their 80’s!  Of course both of these climbers were in great physical as well as mental shape which allowed them for a safe, enjoyable and successful climb.

Mt. Hood makes a great first technical climb for folks with little climbing experience under their belts as well as routes that would test the most seasoned alpinist.

Mt Hood is visible from 100’s of miles away so we see folks from the greater Portland metro area as well as from Southern Washington who say they’ve  always looked at the mountain in their backyard and have always had climbing it on their list of things to do in life. With Mt. Hood being the tallest of the Oregon peaks it sees a high amount of attention as one of the 50 states highpoints. This draws climbers from throughout the US who have a goal of ascending the 50 state highpoints.

Summit for Someone still has three spots left on Mt. Hood. If you are interested visit the Mt. Hood climbing page for more information.


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