The secret to fundraising is there is no secret

I checked SFS climber Barbara Bain‘s account today, to see how she was doing raising money for her Mount Hood climb. The fundraising goal for Mount Hood is $3,400. Barbara’s mark is now at $6,115. I asked her to reveal the secret of getting so much money, so fast, and she said it wasn’t that interesting. She did get one $2,000 donation, but even subtracting that, she’s already at $4,115, way over what we ask our Hood climbers to raise for a minimum. Here’s what she sent us:

My secret to fundraising?  I just know a ton of people. And I don’t hesitate to ask everyone I know.

Donations came in so-far as follows:  Where (and how many)

  • family (12)
  • friends (14)
  • fellow redesigners (20)
  • my clients (19)
  • my students (17)
  • Facebook friends (19)


  • Fellow redesigners across the country -— many of which I attended a conference with Colorado in October, and I was climbing/hiking every chance I got. Telling everyone about the SFS/BCM trips, and raised about $1000 that way.
  • I am on Facebook — and also have a group page and a blog
  • I asked my accountant ($300)
  • And I have a friend who decided this is a good cause and wanted to support me and donated $2000. Actually kinda freaked me out. I called to see if he had accidentally put in two extra zeros!!!  But that was after I had already reached my $3400.
  • I also had postcards made on that I pass out and leave in my clients’ homes. Also did a direct mailing to some of my family members, with a hand written note, and also sent them in my Christmas cards.  Okay response from that.
  • I was going to sell headbands my daughter and I made in a booth at a craft fair/fall festival. But I was too hot that day and I decided not to. Gave them away as Christmas presents instead to her friends.
  • I was thinking of a dare me for money type of thing. Something along the lines of “I will donate $20 if you post a film on youtube you doing the chicken dance” or something else absurd. (With a what would you do for a Klondike bar type of theme.) Never did it, though.



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