SFS Climbers: Did you know Dec. 31 sees 22.5 times the amount of donations on any other day?

Some interesting information about end-of-year giving by Tad Druart at ConnectionCafe.com — you might consider sending out one last “ask” e-mail or message to potential donors on Dec. 27 or 28:

We looked back at online giving trends in the last week of the year, compared to the rest of the year and found that on 12/31 there was more than 13 times the number of donations and more than 22 times more funds raised than daily averages the rest of the year.

Here is some other interesting data that seems to confirm, at least behaviorally, that altruism and the tax-deduction go hand in hand (or hand in wallet).

  • In the last week of the year (from 12/25 – 12/31), clients processed 4.9x the number of donations that they did in an average week.
  • The amount raised was an even larger lift (7.7x the amount raised in an average week) indicating that the average gift size was also larger (57% larger).
  • While every day in the final week of the year (including Christmas) saw an increase in average donations, the last 3 days of the year showed the most dramatic increases:
  1. 12/29 = 5x donation count and 7.8x in funds raised,
  2. 12/30 = 7.5x in donation count and 11.5x in funds raised,
  3. 12/31 = 13.2x in donation count and 22.5x in funds raised).

In the last week, the top 10% of organization saw >10x increase in number of donations and >15x increase in funds raised.

Here’s a link to the full article.


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