Time for a special 'thank you'

In my fundraising efforts this year, I had almost 80 different people donate to me, in amounts from $10 to $250. Way before our climb, my co-SFS friends and I knew we’d have to come up with a nice thank-you message for all our donors. We spent the morning of the first day of our climb in the Stage Door coffee shop in Shasta City, drawing “THANK YOU” in black marker on a thick piece of paper. Jayson carried it all the way to the top of Mount Shasta, and we took turns posing with it.

When we got back, all I had to do was order 80 custom-made thank you postcards, locate all the addresses for my donors, address all the postcards, buy stamps for them and send them. 25 days after summiting Mount Shasta, I mailed all my thank-you cards. Total cost?

  • 80 postcard stamps at the U.S. Post Office: $22.00
  • 82 photo postcards with a personalized photo and message on them, shipped to me from Snapfish.com: $81.62

thank you cards

If you’d like to do something similar, and need help figuring out how to access your list of donors and their addresses, please let me know: Brendan@bigcitymountaineers.org.



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