A good piece of advice for mountaineering trips

gear pileOur Longs Peak climbers had a conference call with Jill Salva of the Colorado Mountain School last night, and Jill was, of course, full of useful information. One of my favorite tips she shared was pretty simple and obvious, but I think something most of us might not think of when it comes to mountaineering: Start packing a week in advance of your trip. Less stress, fewer forgotten items, no hassle the night before you have to get on your flight trying to cram one more piece of gear in your pack.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a guest bedroom — I start piling everything I need on one spot on the floor of my apartment. You’ve probably got an extra room in your house that you can pile gear in for a week. It’s nice to go through everything with a checklist in hand to visually confirm you have everything you need. If you do all of this well in advance, there’s no panicking — even if you suddenly realize you’ve lost your headlamp, there’s time to borrow one, or order another one.

If you need a gear list to print off for your SFS climb, here they are:


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