Put 'March Madness' to work for your SFS fundraising

(Not this year's actual bracket)

(Not this year's actual bracket)

Every year in March, someone in your office comes around asking if you want to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket, and pick the teams you think are going to the Final Four, for a chance to win a bunch of money. Well, Lee Perlman, of Denver, a 2009 Summit For Someone climber, gave me the idea to use the NCAA Tournament as a fundraiser for SFS.

I haven’t done this, but I think most of us are smart enough to figure it out. Make a bunch of copies of the NCAA Tournament bracket, which will be online this Sunday night (March 15), charge an entry fee of $10, and distribute half the total entry money as prizes (to the top 1, 2 or top 3 finishers), and donate the other half to your SFS climb. Just a heads-up, the tournament will start Thursday, so your deadline for participants to turn in brackets should be Thursday morning or Wednesday evening.


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