Time for a Summit For Someone garage sale

I should confess that I’ve gotten most of my good fundraising ideas from Steph, who’s going to be climbing Mount Shasta with me in June. Here’s another one, as outlined in the SFS Fundraising Guide, but applied by Steph, who’s chipping away at her $3,600 fundraising goal with a little more than four months to go.

I sent out an e-mail to everyone who works in the BCM office here in Denver asking for items to donate to Steph’s garage sale, and in two days, my car was full of stuff.

I spoke with a 2008 SFS climber, Monique Dagher, a couple weeks ago, and she said that the garage sale she had was her biggest fundraising success. Other garage sale ideas she shared:

  • Have a “Tip Jar” situated where folks pay for their items, for extra donations.
  • Dumpster dive for items.
  • Don’t let anyone try to haggle with you. Tell them the money is going to charity, and while you’d usually take $5 for that jacket, it’s a firm $10 today.

Questions about Summit For Someone? E-mail brendan@bigcitymountaineers.org or call 303-271-9200, ext. 403.


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