Yoga for Summit For Someone

vital-yogaMy friend Steph just had another great fundraising idea (I should mention that “The Facebook Ask” was also her idea, before I get in any more trouble) that looks like it’s going to pan out.

The yoga studio she goes to a couple times a week, Vital Yoga in Denver, has something they call “Vital Roots Community Classes,” every Sunday at two of their three studios in the Denver metro area. Each week, proceeds from the 12-1:30 p.m. class go to a local nonprofit or charity.

Steph wrote and asked the studio’s owners to see if her Summit For Someone climb could be the benefiting charity, and they said yes yesterday! All proceeds for January, February and March classes will go to Steph’s fundraising for her climb. Vital Yoga is unique in that they don’t charge for their classes — they only accept “donations,” or monthly memberships. So you can walk in and pay $5 for a yoga class (they suggest $15, but it’s up to you), or $50.

It’s great how much support there is from small businesses in our communities, if you just ask for a little help.


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