Tom Denham's "3-Foot Rule"

Tom during his 2008 Mount Hood climb.

Tom during his 2008 Mount Hood climb.

We’re phoning 2008 Summit For Someone participants for feedback on the program, and yesterday Chris chatted with Tom Denham of Delmar, N.Y., who climbed Mount Hood with us last year.

Tom understands fundraising, and went after it enthusiastically. He talked to Chris about the “3-Foot Rule,” which is simply asking everyone within 3 feet of you for a donation.

Tom’s fundraising goal last year was $3,400. He raised $4,322, from 83 different donors. He signed up Oct. 5, and got his last donation on June 2, a couple weeks before his climb. On June 22, Tom summitted Mount Hood with guides from Go Trek and 6 other Summit For Someone climbers.

The “3-Foot Rule” is definitely a good one to live by, especially this year. Maybe people aren’t comfortable giving large donations, given the state of the economy (and all the stories of gloom and doom in the press). So we have to ask everyone we know, and their mother. I’ve done this mostly over e-mail and through Facebook, and have had 43 different donors help me get to $2,567 (so far!). It’s not a simple task, and I’ve had to ask lots of people more than once — friends, relatives, old college friends, old high school friends, co-workers, former co-workers, business owners. I still need to raise $1,033, and I’ll get there with a little help from my friends. Because I’m not going to let them off the hook. They just need a little push to do some good for the world, right?

Questions about Summit For Someone? E-mail or call 303-271-9200, ext. 403.


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