Good news for you: 'Charitable giving is recession-proof'

Here’s an article, a couple weeks old already, talking about how even though the economy is bad, Americans are still generous. Maybe when there’s doom and gloom, we focus more on those who could use more help than us?

Contributions to American charities have increased during 39 of the past 40 years in today’s dollars, and a change in the tax laws — not the stock market crash — can be blamed for the drop in 1987, said Melissa Brown, associate director of research for the center. Between 69 and 72 percent of people give routinely, she said.

Here’s a link to the full article.

Makes me feel a little more confident in my fundraising efforts for Summit For Someone. I heard from my old R.A. from my college dormitory today, in the way of a $50 donation, putting me at $1,365 so far. (Thanks, Jason!)

Questions about Summit For Someone? E-mail or call 303-271-9200, ext. 403.


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