Another fundraising idea: Chico Bags

Here’s another strategy from former Summit For Someone climber Jessica Downing, who summited Mount Olympus in 2008.

Fundraising tip: I sold Chico bags for $6 (purchased for $2.50 from Chico). It was a hit, and I sold 100 in three days … I could have done 200 easy. People were super receptive and a reusable shopping bag was an easy sell.

I ordered 100 multi-colored bags and sent out an email to everyone I knew locally (didn’t want to ship). I thought about getting them BCM branded, but that cost a bit more – but would be a great idea for any in-house fundraising.

I would suggest getting the packet and pre-selling the bags (they provide order forms), as I ran out way to fast and then didn’t have enough time to order more (I did this in June… Silly me). Definitely order extra, as I was delivering the bags, many others were like ‘ooh, whats that? Can I buy one?’, so I easily could have sold another 25 without even trying. I also had 5 people donate who got the email, but didn’t want a bag – so make sure the SFS fundraising page link is in the email!

Having a table at gear swaps or other events is great – I didn’t have to go that route, but I figured I would hit the Farmer’s Market if I had extras.

For more information on Chico Bags, visit If you’d like to get them silk-screened with the Big City Mountaineers or Summit For Someone logos, contact me at and I will get you our logo.

Questions about Summit For Someone? E-mail or call 303-271-9200, ext. 403.


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