Stories from BCM teens: Sharee Spiker

Before my BCM trip, I was a youth with no self confidence, a loner and always felt unaccepted by peers. This was something buried within that I always felt but never displayed. As the BCM trip began I stubbornly avoided getting to know my peer BCMers. Only hanging with the adult leaders was my intention, after all, they could truly understand me if it was anybody.

As the backpacking trip trailed off I noticed a peer did not want to take the lead in leading the way while another kept to herself. Rain came pouring down making the rocks and mud on the trail extremely slippery. Thanks to Colorado’s unexpected weather, it was time to break out of our shells as a rebirth. Support was needed from all to help prevent injuries. Communication and care were mandatory for the challenge. Looking out for one another, the group instantly became united, and negative self reflections diminished.

Comfortably, we became a family, not focusing on negative aspects, like whatever, we’re all human. That night I reran the day in my head over and over. Blink. A light came on. I was not the only one who suffered from lack of self confidence and feeling alone. To my awakening, the team was accepting with heart.

The following morning, a new energy was found within the team. Laughter and sportsmanship filled the air. Safe space was established. Throughout the rest of the trip I was confident enough to take the risks. No longer did I allow my loneliness and feeling of not being accepted limit my relationships with others.


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